Pumpernickel Press

Gallery Quality Embossed Greeting Cards
Pumpernickel Press started with a leap of faith by Bob Harju in the basement of his Leesburg, Virginia home in 1998. Starting with 20 designs of embossed boxed Christmas cards, the family-owned business is now one of the leading producers of quality embossed greeting cards with over 1,500 designs of boxed Christmas and everyday occasion cards. Immediate success allowed the family-owned business to move out of the basement, eventually buying and building west of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Berryville, Virginia. And when they say family business they truly mean family - Bob's wife Skeeter, their two sons, Ryan & Robby, and Ryan's wife Allie all work full time for the company!

Maintaining consistent quality is a priority of Pumpernickel's. Quality is never sacrificed for profit in any phase of production. From innovative designs, superior fine art, and sculpted embossing produced from hand-tooled brass dies to the unique color printing on premium grade, uncoated recycled paper, each card is treated as a piece of art. 

Pumpernickel Press card lines are now distributed in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the UK, Europe, Russia, South & Central America, Australia and New Zealand. They are proud to say that everything they use from packing materials to the cards themselves are produced in the United States.