Microbe-Lift (Ecological Laboratories)

Solving Environmental Problems Naturally Since 1976
Ecological Laboratories is an international biotechnology company specializing in the development and production of microbial products for the natural treatment of environmental issues associated with the various uses of water and recycling of organic matter.

MICROBE-LIFT products are the most sought after product for water quality, clarity and overall Koi and Pond maintenance. MICROBE-LIFT PL is the #1 water clarifier asked for by name. To the Consumer - At Ecological Laboratories, we are strongly aware of our responsibility to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. By providing safe, natural products we allow our customers to also be good stewards of the environment so that it will be suitable for your children and grandchildren. Unlike many other marketers of bacterial products, we produce our own bacteria, so we can be assured that everything we put our name on is 100% safe and effective.