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Balsam Fir & Wood Products from Maine Line

Maine Line Products
Rustic Bird Houses, Weather Sticks, and more! The Maine Woodsman's Weather Sticks have been predicting the weather, delighting their owners, and amazing new acquaintances all around the world for over ten years. Long before that the Abanaki...

    Birding products & Thermometers from Aspects

    Wild Bird Feeding Products & Thermometers Since 1979 Aspects has proudly manufactured in the USA to ensure continued quality, as well as, loyalty to those customers, employees and vendors who have contributed to our success.We appreciate...

      Garden Art, Outdoor Decor, Camping & Cooking Products

      Distinctive & Quality Outdoor Living Products Since 1964 For over 30 years we have been crafting our sundials as Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, "quaintly, point by point." Each design is individually cast using the traditional sand mold process and then...

        Garden Spinners, Wind Chimes, Whirligigs, Kinetics from Blue Handworks

        Great Gifts for Gardeners since 1984! From curious cat lanterns that hang by their tails to metallic flying saucers and Christmas angels and more, Elephant Dreams, Inc. of San Francisco offers an extraordinary collection of decor for...

          Garden Stakes, Feeders, Wind Chimes and more from Exhart Brands

          Happy Homes. Smiling Gardens. We are in the business of making smiles and selling fun. Our unique, motion-filled products will bring a splash of color, beauty and whimsical magic into your store and ultimately into your...

            Ice Melters & Calcium Chloride Pellets

            Supply Company Supply Company -- For use in pre- and post-harvest treatments of fruits and vegetables to maintain firmness, reduce decay and prevent certain diseases. Frozen food applications may use BRINERS...

              Musically-tuned windchimes from Woodstock Chimes

              Woodstock Chimes
              The world's favorite windchime! Woodstock Chimes is a leading manufacturer of musically-tuned windchimes. We market more than 300 products in our Signature, Encore, Asli Arts and Rainbow Maker Collections, many of which are tuned...

                Outdoor Decorative Fabric Products & Kites

                In The Breeze
                One of the best selections of Outdoor Decorative Fabric Products and Kites In the Breeze has in stock, one of the best selections of Outdoor Decorative Products and Kites for resale you can find. All of our products are warehoused together and are ready for immediate...

                  Rain Gauges, Thermometers and Solar Products from Headwind

                  EZ Read brand of rain gauges and thermomters Headwind Consumer Products offers rain gauges, thermometers, ergonomic products, and decorative solar lighting. All of these products make great additions to your home or garden.Remember, when it...

                    The Original Wind Spinner from Iron Stop

                    Iron Stop
                    The process today of manufacturing wind spinners is not much different than it was when Ron Spinks, President of Iron Stop, came up with the idea and began creating them in his garage. A former...

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                      Products 1-10 of 15